Physical Appearance


The Shiloh Shepherd portrays a distinct impression of nobility with a unique aura of intelligence, that radiates a sense of regal wisdom and strength. Powerfully built with unsurpassed beauty and elegance; a picture of true balance; each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part, and to the whole. Being of giant size does not deter from his proud carriage or seemingly effortless movement. His total devotion and willingness to work can be seen in his alert eyes, and his happy attitude. Timidity, frailty, sullenness, viciousness, and lack of animation, impair the general character of this breed. A certain amount of aloofness is acceptable as long as it is not associated with any form of sharp-shyness.


As can clearly be seen through a reading of the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Standard, much emphasis is placed on size with males ranging in height from 28-32 inches and females from 26-29 inches. Although this big, they still must have the proper balance and movement. A Shiloh must possess that smooth, elastic practically effortless gait that is so vital for overall working ability as a herding dog, search and rescue prospect or any other endeavor that may be needed. Strength and stamina are very essential factors for the Shiloh, therefore, all dogs are bred with the 3-B's in mind, Beauty, Brains and Brawn.


The Shiloh Shepherd comes in two very distinctly different coat types.


Ideal Smooth Shiloh Shepherd

The ideal dog has a double coat of medium length. The outer coat should be as dense as possible with hair straight, harsh, lying close to the body. The hair around the neck area should be slightly longer and thicker. The rear of the forelegs and hind legs has somewhat longer hair extending to the pastern and hock respectively. The head including the inner ear and fore face, legs and paws should be covered with shorter hair.

*Even though the smooth coated type requires less care and grooming -- the Plush coated variety seems to shed less.



Ideal Plush Shiloh Shepherd

The Plush Variety has a close fitting double coat of medium coarse guard hairs, with a softer undercoat. The head and muzzle, back of the ears and front of the legs and paws are covered with short smooth hairs. The neck has a distinct "mane" that extends to, and covers the chest, with slightly shorter hair covering the remaining torso, not to exceed 5" in length. The "feathering" inside of the ears and on the back of the forelegs should not exceed 3" in length. *Show Grooming should include the trimming of all excess fur from between the toes, around the pads, and the removal of all "tufts" from among the "feathering" inside the ears.

*The Plush Coat, although longer than the smooth coat, sheds less, but needs more grooming.


The Shiloh Shepherd comes in various colors. Shades of black with tan, golden tan, reddish tan, silver, and cream are as desirable as are various shades of richly pigmented golden, silver, red, dark brown, dark gray, or black sables. Also solid black or solid white is acceptable as long as the nose, eye rims, and lips are solid black. A white blaze on the chest is acceptable as well as some white markings on the toes, as long as they are blended in with the other shades of silver, cream, tan, etc. Any other white markings on any other part of the body should be considered a FAULT. Any washed out or pale colors should also be considered a FAULT. Blues, livers, dogs with lack of proper pigmentation, or dogs with a nose that is not predominately black must be DISQUALIFIED.

Photographic Guide to Shiloh Shepherd Colors

  • Solid
  • Sable
  • Dual
  • Bi-Colored Sable
  • Bi-Colored Dual