Shiloh Shepherd Puppies


Shiloh Shepherd Puppies provides information on current litters, planned litters and available puppies.

These licensed and registered Shiloh Shepherd Breeders may have Shiloh Shepherd puppies available now and/or have may have Shiloh puppies planned for the year. Please visit their individual web sites for more information on these litters.

All breeding combinations are planned in consultation with the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Wardens and have been approved to proceed. All breeding stock is 100% genetically pure and authentic, original Shiloh Shepherd bloodlines as developed by the Breed Founder - Tina M. Barber.

*No German Shepherd 'outcrosses' or so-called 'foundation lines' have been used in any breedings. To outcross to German Shepherds is a step backwards in the development of this breed and would be defeating the entire purpose of separating from them in the first place.

Please visit the  Shiloh Shepherd Puppies  web site for a listing of litters planned and available puppies.

The PLANNED LITTERS specific combinations are projections only and are subject to change.